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February 21-22
Policy Suggestions for Libertarian Party of Canada

Neocon End Times, Surveillance, Iraqi Torture, LeFevre on Conservatives

July, 2005
Iraq vs. Vietnam
War as Mass Murder: General Curtis LeMay
Ashcroft and 9/11
Conscription is Slavery
Food Fascists Will Save Us
U.S. "New Freedom" - Mental Health Screening for Kids

June, 2005
Message to Live8 Social Democratic Imperialists: Let Africans be Independent!
1998 Government Attack on Microsoft
Iraq War: McCain vs. Hagel
U.S. War Propaganda: Empire of Lies
The End of Commie-Care in Canada?
Is it the End of Communist Health Care in Canada?
Why It's Right for Libertarians to be Involved in Electoral Politics
Thomas Paine on Warmongers

May, 2005
Canada's Antiwar Basketball Star
Abusive Mind Control Experiments in Canada; MKULTRA
Explaining Liberty and Libertarianism
War: Perspectives on WWII, Dutch and Indonesians, McNamara on Nukes
Abu Ghraib Torture Scandal: Latest Scapegoat News
Canadian War Sacrifices
Police State Trends: Two Teenage Girls Detained
Canadian "Freedom": Tear Down that Tree House!
Growing up in the 60's, Statist Degradation of the Person, The Corporation

April, 2005
Police Handcuff 5-Year-Old Girl
Guns and Self-Defense
Antiwar Activist Marla Ruzicka
Police State Trends: Real ID Act
Iraq and Chalabi
Ottawa Libertarians: Groups Unite to Say No to the Nanny State
Get Involved
Canadian Foreign Policy
Libertarian Reading
Health Freedom: More on Codex Alimentarius - The Food Code
More about Terri Schiavo
Pope John Paul II (1920 - 2005), Rest in Peace
Canadian Woman Tortured in Iran
Smoking vs. Abortion
Miscellaneous: Jefferson on Patents, State Worship

March, 2005
U.S. Defense Policy: McKinney Grills Rumsfeld
School Vouchers
Canadian Teen Jailed for Writing Horror Story (2001)
Reading: Which Way for Liberty?
Health Freedom: Bill C-420
Schiavo Case: Government's Role in the Disposal of Disabled Family Members
Health Freedom: CODEX
U.S. Foreign Policy
Ayn Rand, Gun Rights, North American Security Integration, War on Drugs
Libertarian Candidate Challenging John Tory in March 17 Ontario By-Election
Canadian Sovereignty: Missile Defence & North American Integration
The State and Children
School Zero Tolerance Policies
Torture Policies: Maher Arar
Canada and Missile Defence
War and Freedom: Old Right, Hunter S. Thompson
Russia and Chechnya
U.S. vs. Syria
Patenting Life: Harvard Mouse
Genetically Modified Crops (Canola) and Percy Schmeiser

February, 2005
Libertarianism and First Nations Self-Government, Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Governments vs. Aboriginals: Breaking Families and Treaties, Canadian History, Australia
Police State Trends: National ID in U.S.
Gun Laws and ID Papers: Canadian Culture of Obedience
Bhutan Sets Smoking Tyranny Example for Canada
American Empire and Wars to Force Democracy, Russell Kirk
Bush is a Big-Government Statist
Ontario Government's Greenbelt Plan
Ontario Government's Interference with Parents & Religion
Smoke-Free Legislation - Message to the Ontario Government
Community Currency

January, 2005
Greenbelt: Ontario Government Interference with Property Rights
Opposing Unprovoked War against Iraq: 2002 Use of Force Resolution
H.L. Mencken and Libertarianism
U.S. Intended Iraq War Even if Inspectors Found Nothing
Ontario Libertarian Party Resists Anti-Smoking Bill
Social Engineering vs. Freedom - CEO's Scared of Marijuana Decriminalization
Iraq: Proposal for U.S. Death Squads
Asia Earthquake and Tsunamis Relief Efforts
Iraq and Human Life: Libertarian Objections to War

December, 2004
Cambodian Killing Fields
Canadian Gasoline Taxes
Stop the Smoke-Free Ontario Act
Western Interference in Ukraine
Iraq: U.S. Media Still Hiding Bad News
Canada Tiptoeing Around Weapons in Space
Major General Smedley Butler: War is a Racket
Regulating Telephone Use - Do-Not-Call without Government Permission
Euripides: Free-Enterprise Capitalism vs. Warmongering State Capitalism
Montreal Massacre - The Wrong Lessons for 15 Years - Real Men Protect Women
Bush in Canada: Vision of Endless Global Warfare
Human Sacrifices for "Democracy" and "Freedom"

November, 2004
War Crimes: Should Canada Indict Bush?
Election Gag Law
Nova Scotia: U.S. Patriot Act and Private Information of Canadians
Continental Defence Project
Iraq War: 100,000 Civilians
Satellite TV Restrictions Violate Charter
B.C. Privacy Commissioner: U.S. Patriot Act and Private Information

October, 2004
Ontario Medical Association Pushes Ban on Smoking in Private Places
"Family Policy": OECD Criticizes Canadian "Child Care"

September, 2004
Canada - Central America Free Trade Agreement
Private vs. Public Health Care in Canada

August, 2004
Abortion: Technology Reveals Human Life
Government Attacks Tradition of Sanctuary for Refugees
Government Absolutism vs. Traditions, Higher Principles, Rights
CRTC vs. Free Expression

July, 2004
Toronto's Restrictions on Taxi Services
Canada Should Welcome U.S. Deserters

June, 2004
National ID Card & House of Commons Committee
Ontario Considers Fingerprints or Iris Scans on Drivers' Licenses
Governments Think They Own Us
Iraq War and Canadian Policy
Canadian Sovereignty Protects Canada: U.S. Government and Torture
Toronto Smoking Ban
Smokers, Personal Responsibility & Peace